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UniversityLifeCafé is proud to announce its 3rd Annual Poetry Contest. We are seeking talented individuals from all majors to share their writing talents with the viewers of ULC. Poems of any length, format or style will be accepted; however, please keep in mind that imagery and metaphor are important. Keep in mind that prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners!

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Lacey Solheid, University Life Café, Counseling Services,, (785) 532-6927.

The Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf A lone maple leaf prepared itself for the drop Like its brother and sisters it would no longer enjoy the top The maple leaf wasn’t concerned about its fate Rather it pondered what impact it had made to date The leaf had seen its siblings take part ...

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Same Color

When you are the same color as the night sky It’s damn near impossible to fly that high You only get to see those white specs of light While others fall: comets and meteorites Is it right, on what is to be the next day That they get to choose, ...

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The One From Timbuktu

Age 7: My mother tells me that She is taking me to a place Where I will learn many things About the sand beneath my feet The blood that pumps through my heart, And the sky above, which cradles the moon As if it was a sleeping newborn. We decide ...

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In the lobby of Emeritus Senior Living, The place where my grandmother and other seniors stay, There sits just beyond the receptionist at the front desk A cookie-laden, glass covered tray. Every time when my brother and I go, When we leave, we each take one, Sensing no one would ...

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Youth Learning, playing Joyful, innocent, young Grow up Knowledgable, experienced, wise Inspiring, guiding Old age

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Fighting My Demons

Two shadows fighting, wings outstretched, swords clash. Angel, devil, which am I?

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The Awakening

Birdsong, it is the first sign of change. Their chatter is welcome as my ears thaw from the stark silence of winter. The mornings no longer have a chill in them, And I turn my face into the warm breeze caressing my cheek. There is no crunch under my feet ...

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The Home We Once Knew

Do you remember, when we were younger, And for growing old we had a hunger? We wished to leave home and be free, To pursue our dreams and simply be. Well, now you and I are older, And this road we are on grows ever colder. But, there is one ...

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A conversation with you is like Jenga, Easy at first to spot the right thing to say, “How are you?” “How is work?” But as the game continues, We inwardly tense with each nudge of a topic, A thought, A sentence, Praying I don’t choose the wrong piece, That you ...

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There was a thumb-size button On a counter colored white. I had no clue its function And not a soul was in sight. So I gave in to the urge— My pointer finger pushed And somewhere in the distance A kitty cat was mushed.

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A Sermon in the Words of Galaxies Long Since Disassembled

Let our bodies have mass like the intellectual things we think we think, but we know we don't know and we really don't say out loud. Let us absolve the sins of the cells of our skins because nothing more important happened beneath the surface than a bad tattoo. Let ...

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An As Of Yet Untitled Poem With Deep Subtext

I missed you the other day. By a foot and a half, by the wind blowing the other way. And I can't exactly say What made me think of you But I had to stop and listen to the rain for a little bit before I could go on again. ...

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