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Resilience, vulnerability and suicide prevention

Develop Well Being

Everyone experiences stress in a different way.

What is stress for one is motivation for another.

Everyone is unique –Learn your style


VULNERABILITY is described by a diminished self-worth , inability to cope, and being unable to handle stressors.

RESILIENCE is described by help seeking behaviors, connectivity to others, and personal coping skills.

Health and Well Being

Positive sense of self, learn about yourself, seek ways to cope, make new friends, and join activities.

Emotional Health

Develop new problem solving skills for college life, learn where to find help on campus (see resources), develop creative thinking. Develop a sense of purpose on campus, learn new communication skills.

Maintain friendships and relationships. Family and friends are usually willing to listen and provide support. They often have great ideas; new friends can offer a different perspective or know where to go for help.

Develop positive thoughts about yourself. Identify what you are good at. Starting a new class or new job can sometimes cause worry and we forget our strengths. Find optimistic ways of looking at life. If your view looks bleak talk to someone.

Maintain your health.

Eat a balanced diet; go to the rec and exercise. Get a group to go for a walk.

Develop a sense of connectedness.

Get involved in the campus community. Look at the K-State listing of clubs. Join an intramural team. Volunteer through the Volunteer Center of Manhattan.

Ask for help when tackling major problems.

Ask for help and support; don’t be shy about expressing your needs to others.

Written by a ULC staff writer

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