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The use of alcohol and other drugs has been a fact of the American way of life since our nation’s beginning. Alcohol, in particular, has been used as a source of pleasure for some and a source of problems for others. Today, substance abuse represents a major problem in American colleges and universities. A campus survey showed that about 79% of students drink alcoholic beverages. Of greater concern, however, is that as many as 15% of KSU students report having significant negative consequences as a result of their use of alcohol.

The KSU Alcohol and Other Drug Education Service program is focused toward the K-State and Manhattan community. The major purpose of the program is to provide accurate and timely information on the physical effects and social issues related to alcohol and other drug use. A variety of programs and services are available to K-State students, faculty, and staff.

Services and programs available to K-State students, faculty, and staff:

• Educational presentations on alcohol and other drug use and abuse • Responsible party hosting information, consultation, and promotion • Professional referral resources for on-campus and in the community • General education information via posters, handouts, flyers, etc. • Consultation on special activities/events • Free alcohol/drug information video checkout • Local DUI regulations • Non-Alcoholic Beverage (NAB) recipes • Project ABC • Basic assessment and intervention assistance

The KSU Alcohol and Other Drug Education Service is available for information, consultation, and assistance at your request. We would like to extend to you an open invitation to come by the office located on the second floor of the English/Counseling Services Building or call 532-6927 with questions, comments or suggestions.

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