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This module addresses some strategies on how to handle conflict between individuals or groups. Conflict is a part of daily life, and handling these in a diplomatic and mutually beneficial way is an important part of life.

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Kale says:

If you are interested in the study of Conflict Resolution and/or wanting more resources on the topic please contact Terrie McCants (Coordinator for the certificate program/State approved Mediator)or Beth Shanholtzer (Academic Advisor for Family Studies and Human Services) for more information at (785) 532-1470 or 532-1477. Also visit

Posted on Jan 22, 2009

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Halizard says:

What about when I don't want to find a common solution? Sometimes people are just wrong, and need to change. How do I make people see when they are really wrong?

Posted on Jan 28, 2009

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Kale says:

:) Well. Proper Conflict Resolution Strategies are still needed in order to assist the person on opening their minds to other options. And sometimes, some people, even when proven wrong, will still deny (ignore or disbelieve the discomfirming information) they are wrong in order to save face. At that point you need to decided whether to terminate the relationship or agree to disagree and hope that someday they will learn (if it is a serious issue). Many solutions are solved with a competing style and that is effective when one party is clearly wrong, just keep in mind that their are many different perceptions and perspectives (to some issues). Sometimes those perceptions just need to be clarified and the other person just wants to be heard, acknowledged, and respected. Then work on some options on how you can work to get through those serious issues. However, I am definitely not yet an expert.

Posted on Feb 10, 2009

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