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AlcoholEdu for College

This is NOT the site for K-State students who are required to complete the AlcoholEdu program!

In July 2010 Kansas State University implemented the nationally recognized alcohol education program called AlcoholEdu for College®. All newly enrolled, degree-seeking students on the Manhattan and Salina campuses who are under the age of 22 on the first day of classes are required to complete the web-based alcohol education program. These students access the program via their iSIS account.

This second “AlcoholEdu for College” site makes the program available to any student, faculty or staff in an easily accessible, interactive format and serves as an aid in the process of becoming more aware of the effects of alcohol on their life. AlcoholEdu, developed by Outside the Classroom, Inc., a Boston-based company, takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, and provides information about alcohol and its impact on the body and behavior. Used at over 500 colleges and universities nationwide, the program incorporates proven prevention strategies and scientific-based findings into a non-opinionated, personalized educational program. The program’s engaging format features a story narrative and activities that reflect the way students communicate.

This is the link: You must enter the following registration code to access the site: PSNSH

If you have questions about the AlcoholEdu program content provided at this site please call Chaz Mailey (785) 532-6927 and if you have technical questions about the program please call Julie Gibbs (785) 532-6595.

Use of this site by K-State students required to complete AlcoholEdu will NOT fulfill their requirement!

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